Perhaps you’ve noticed those little rectangular “Box Tops for Education” coupons on some of the products you buy.  They’re on many things, such as General Mills cereals, Betty Crocker frostings and brownie mixes, Pillsbury refrigerated cookie and bread dough, Kleenex tissues, Ziploc bags, even Huggies diapers! 

Our local elementary school collects them, and I’m in charge of getting them ready to send to General Mills.  We receive 10 cents for each one redeemed, and General Mills sends us a check for the amount we earn.

I’m very proud to say our little-ish school of just under 400 students has earned over $1000.00 for each of the last three school years.  I’ve even more proud to report that last year we earned more than any other participating school in our county.  (The year before I became the Box Tops coordinator, we earned just $550.00.) 

This year, we’re on track to earn $1500.00.  Lately I’ve been working on counting the Box Tops we’ve received this month, because the Box Tops school year ends February 28.  So I need to mail them off no later than Saturday! 

And there you have it… that’s why I’ve been only thinking of inking the last several days.

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